Multi vehicle sharing solution


Multi vehicle sharing solution

IoT vehicle door lock
Approaching the vehicle with registered smartphone, the door unlock automatically.
A vehicle sharing solution
Multi user for a vehicle.
Pin code touch to lock or unlock the door
Random security code for more security
Artificial intelligent algorithm
Artificial intelligent algorithm to prevent malfunction in rain, snow and the other natural phenomena.
Passed reliability and durability test in various environment
iKeyFree has been tested throught extreme weather conditions. It celtified FCC. It can withstand and properly operate through the hot, Windy deserts of Middle East and icy freezing temperatures of Alaska.
Reliable products with FCC celtification and obtained related 11 patents

How to use iKeyFree Pro


Safe and convenient car life without car key
iKeyFree Pro is convenient for multi vehicle for multi user, outdoor activities such as camping, jogging, fishing etc.



Input power DC 12V
Current draw 5mA,(Standby) 6mA (LED scan)
iKeyFree Pro output Nagative door lock, Negative door unlock, Aux 2
Switch output Over 1 million cycle (non-contact touch)
Operating temperature -30℃∼+80℃ (-22℉∼+176℉)
Dimension 125 (W)×32 (H) ×6 (D) mm



  • Main unit
  • Keypad
  • Harnesses
  • Manual